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When should you buy Manual Instagram Likes?
The best reason to buy Instagram Manual Likes is to get an instant boost of likes in your chosen posts. However! One should remember to order for small ‘like’ packages because an overnight boost in your posts through manual likes can leave your audience with suspicion.
When should you buy Instagram Spread Likes?
Instagram spread Likes gets you the convenience of getting frequent ‘likes’ in regular intervals. The user should use this feature when they order the delivery of a huge ‘likes’ package.
How to get 100 likes on Instagram with AutoLikes IG?
The steps are simple to get Instagram 100 likes! You only need to choose the right package that suits you and hit the buy now button. If you are looking for instant order delivery, go ahead and pay for the order. Or, you can subscribe to the services and enjoy your lucky ‘like’ numbers at a fixed interval for a custom period.
Are there any repercussions of using engagement services?
No. We make sure that the services you buy do not look suspicious. Other than that, Instagram may not charge you with impeachment for having engagement services. As there are no malicious activities performed by your IG account, you may not be held liable for any terms violation.
What is drip-feed, and how is it functional for Instagram spread Likes?
Drip feed is an administrative solution that allows you to have your order delivered in small amounts at regular intervals rather than instant delivery. You can adjust the speed and interval of delay between each batch of likes. This sort of ‘spread likes’ will only remain in effect till the actual ordered amount gets covered. The user can only enjoy this service on subscription and not in a single order or manual services
When should I expect my order delivery?
AutoLikes IG syncs the IG account of its users every 5 minutes. So, the user can expect their order delivery in five minutes after the completion of the payment process.
Do these services include delivery of real likes?
Yes! AutoLikes IG strives to provide real engagement services to its users. The user will only get 100% authentic likes from genuine accounts. We do not practice illegitimate methods to deliver the orders.
Do these services include delivery of real followers?
Yes! AutoLikes IG strives to provide real engagement services to its users. The user will only get 100% authentic followers from genuine accounts. We do not practice illegitimate methods to deliver the orders.
Why delay in delivery is crucial for you?
Instagram updates its terms of services from time to time. Getting a huge amount of likes in certain posts just after it is posted can get you in suspicion. And your Instagram handle might seem unauthentic. Therefore! To prevent that, we offer you a feature through which you can set a delay in delivery. In this way, your orders get delivered after a certain time, when your post is assumed to be ranking in the algorithm. So, what are you waiting for? Buy 50 Instagram likes and relish in the joy of instant boost!
How many uploads can I make in a day to benefit from the services?
We have designed AutoLikes IG to fetch the data of a maximum of 3 posts per day to prevent the abuse of our software. So, the user can expect to have the auto-delivery of order in the latest three posts when the software remains turned on. In case you need more posts, please contact our support and we will help you out.
The services I ordered weren't delivered, even after full payment. What should I do?
First off, check if your IG account is set to public or not. If not, make it public as soon as possible and wait for five minutes. If the issue persists, you can contact us via mail or raise a ticket through the support page.
What are the other services of AutoLikes IG?
The other services of AutoLikes IG are giving an engagement boost to any Instagram page through impressions, comments, followers, views, and saves. The user can buy instant boost or can subscribe to the services for frequent delivery of services. So, get yourself the ease of building the credibility of your Instagram profile. Buy 100 likes for Instagram and see the magic for yourself!
Can I get a refund if I'm not satisfied with the service?
Yes! You can get a refund if you are not completely satisfied with our services. As per our refund policy, the user has to submit their refund request via mail, raise a ticket, or fill out the form by clicking on the top section of the home page. Just file for a refund before thirty days are over from the day of order.

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